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    Amesbury is a neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, formerly in North York before it was amalgamated into Toronto in 1998. It is part of federal and provincial electoral district York South—Weston, and Toronto electoral wards 11: York South—Weston (West) and 12: York South-Weston (East)....

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    Its borders are inexact. It is usually assumed to lie between Lawrence Avenue on the north, Jane Street and the railway line adjacent to Weston Road (which includes land west of Jane) on the west, Keele Street on the east, and a hydro right of way, which also marks the southern border of North York, on the south.

    A middle-income neighbourhood, it is popular with immigrants of many countries. The first language in more than a third of the houses is a foreign tongue, including Italian (the most prevalent), Bengali, Spanish, Vietnamese and Tamil.


    There are five parks within the confines of the neighbourhood, including the Westview greenbelt. Many parks are saved from construction zones....

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    The area west of Jane Street is known as Brookhaven. The City of Toronto's demographic page refers to that area as Brookhaven-Amesbury, but omits the area north of Lawrence Avenue, and includes the largely industrial area between Keele Street and the railway. This area had a 2006 population of 17,325.

    The majority of the housing available is still high rises (over 60%), and many are low-income rental units. Specifically for Census Tract 5350280.00, in 2006 there were more households with renters than owners; 1070 owners and 1750 renters. In the 2011 National Household Survey, Census Tract 5350280.00 reported 1080 household with owners and 1815 households with renters.


    Brookhaven-Amesbury’s major ethnic and cultural groups (by ancestry) in 2001:

    • Italian - 15%
    • Jamaican - 8%
    • Canadian - 8%
    • East Indian - 5%
    • Vietnamese - 5%
    • English - 5%
    • Spanish - 4%
    • Chinese - 4%
    • Portuguese - 3%
    • Scottish - 2%
    • Other - 41%

    The percentage of population below the poverty line dropped from 39% (in 1996) to 33% (in 2001).

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